Epoxy Floor Coating

Both commercial & industrial floors take a beating on a regular basis. From industrial workers to heavy-duty machinery, the floors in manufacturing plants, production facilities and warehouses are traveled hundreds or thousands of times a day. Utilizing epoxy floor coating can help reduce the costs of maintenance, while extending the lifespan of your industrial floor. Ideal for loading bays, production lines and warehouses, our epoxy floor coatings will seal and protect floors from sustaining damage.

Leaks, harsh chemicals and other toxic substances can erode the flooring in an industrial environment. Industrial painting measures, specifically epoxy floor coating, are effective solutions for such problems. Ultimately, Goldbrush Painting, as a group of professional industrial painters, wants to help you run an effective and profitable business operation. Our expertly applied floor coatings will improve & maintain the condition, durability and functionality of your industrial floors.


  • fire resistant
  • chemical resistant
  • slip resistant
  • safer
  • clean, hygienic & easily maintained
  • economical
  • ideal for a number of industries: pharmaceutical, food & beverage, aviation,
  • aerospace, automotive, chemical synthesis, water & wastewater treatment, import / export, distribution, electronics, etc.