Commercial Repainting

Goldbrush Painting conducts both new construction and existing commercial building painting. You can trust our commercial painters to deliver outstanding repainting services. We have been painting & repainting in the commercial sector for nearly 20+ years now.


We understand that sometimes you just need a new look. Whether it’s a multi-housing complex or a shopping mall, visual looks are essential in driving new business. In addition to improving the exterior appearance of your commercial business, sealing, repainting & refinishing your building will enhance structural longevity.

Commercial painters with integrity and hard-work ethic are not easy to come by. Year after year, many local businesses choose to work with Goldbrush Painting for their commercial painting projects.

A few advantages of dealing with Goldbrush are:

  • working with dependable, reliable commercial painters
  • high quality, long-lasting products
  • flexible, accommodating commercial painting schedules
  • timely commercial painting project completion
  • industry competitive rates